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Dating pictures tumblr

If anything, Ho T is shedding some much-needed light on the western obsession with voluntourism.But let’s be honest, we’re more entertained with the fact that these Tinder users actually think it’s a good idea to showcase their saviour complexes on a dating app.It’s called “the reward theory of attraction”; simply put, we like people who make us feel gratified and rewarded when we’re around them.

Ever wish you could be one of those people who can just make friends the way other folks breathe?

If there is one thing the internet has excelled at, it’s pointing out the absurdity of human behaviour — and then making fun of it.

The latest craze of cyber-shaming comes in the form of Tinder profile scrutiny.

For all those who avoided wannabe beaus, unsolicited pickup lines and bizarre Tinder rituals — and for those who unfortunately didn't — this is what it looked like to date in 2014: Why Do I Online Date? But don't think for one second that they convinced us you were dateable, dudes.

hilariously reminds us of all the reasons to stay far, far away from dating apps and the messaging that comes with them. For confusing pics that will make you think you're on a dating site for tiger owners, much like Christian Mingle, check out Well, that escalated quickly.

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The matching process is governed almost entirely by pictures, so naturally users want to put their best face forward.

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