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Here, a man and a woman are allowed to share the bed but are separated by tightly wrapped blankets.

Preparing the pearly whites For the Balinese, young men and women who have reached adolescence have their teeth filed as part of preparation for courtship and marriage. They believe that in filing down the upper canine teeth of the person, the traits of greed, jealousy, anger and other evil tendencies will be removed from the person’s system.

It may not always be about true love, but these methods have certainly worked for them.

In many instances, it’s not about attraction but survival.

A mate may be chosen based on his potential to be a good provider when it comes to hunting, or a woman may be chosen for her child bearing hips.

In other parts of the world, the courtship process is an entirely different matter.

There are many unusual love and courtship practices when it comes to dating.

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Many tribes in Africa, including the Zulus also allow their daughters to stay in a courting hut to be wooed by eligible young men.