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WE continue to share and depend on the support of our prayer warrior community, that has lowered us into the Lord's presence for His healing! Always surrounded by our 11 in heaven keeping our eyes and hearts focused there.

We are truly a huge wonderful domestic Church/family as our motto to live by is open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS for the world!

Mr Putin, you have been elected President of the Russian Federation for your fourth term. Let me congratulate you on my own behalf, as well as on behalf of 1.3 billion people of India.

sharing daily for 8 months started this blog- Family Soul Story - Our faith, family, farm and now our cancer journey called HEALING have colored and deepened our world. Yes, when we are together we number 26 now with the addition of wonderful Bobbi Verly!As I told someone today, who was asking if we were going to Paris... we are not sightseeing we are having important and intense family time! was told by a sister in the last few years that I have my Hallel because of my considering the call. I wanted each of my children to consider this most wonderful possibility for them." The family meal celebrating Hallel's taking her habit and changing her name in August of 2009! I would say that all had it there in front of them as a possibility.My soul yearns for you in the night,yes, my spirit within me keeps vigil for you;" Isaiah 26 Their prayer life each day, including Mass/Eucharist, and Adoration is their food for the journey.They chew/mendicate on The Word starting the night before repeating each line much like Lectio Divina and The Spirit speaks to their hearts of his Truth!

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