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This can be very useful for "support" workflows, where you want to ensure that customer comments are dealt with in a timely manner.For example, to find issues in a project where the person last commenting is not in the Developers role: With one argument, searches for issues that have the specified link.Did we really need to find linked issues of every issue that has subtasks?Perhaps we could narrow down that subquery further…​ let’s say we are only interested in the linked issues of issues in the SALES project with subtasks.(The current desired state configuration is the last configuration enacted on the node that is using DSC.)Indicates that the configuration of another resource must run before this resource is configured.For example, if the ID of the resource configuration script block that you want to run first is Resource Name and its type is Resource Type, the syntax for using this property is Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon. If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy.You need to provide the link name, for instance blocks, is blocked by, duplicates, is duplicated by.

Some functions filter these further to issues that have the relevant field(s) non-empty.However, in this case, the Set Script block will not run, no matter what value the Test Script block returns.The Test Script block must return True if the actual configuration matches the current desired state configuration, and False if it does not match.Operations that took close to zero time are filtered out, to make it more readable.This, and other optimisations, explains why you may not get the same results if you re-run the profiler for the same query.

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This is to avoid the case where long-running queries continue to run in the background, even after the browser has timed out.

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