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Take this “test of time” period to do grow closer to the person He crafted you to become.

Find some books to read and discuss them with each other.

Continue serving in ministries you both have a heart for. Too often when young couples get together, they spend most of their waking hours exclusively together and it can stymie the growth and opportunities each of them have later down the road.

Once they find someone they leave, even if they are a leader.

The problem with this is you end up doing exactly what the enemy wants..isolate yourself.

But ever since we realized we both have feeling for one another, we gave an account to our church leader.

Saying we want to pursue this relationship and want to commit to each other for marriage, but not that soon because we're both still studying.

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And if you have been a Christian a while, you might believe you know enough about dating and think that you need little input or accountability from anyone. Ecclesiastes says, So how much accountability do you need and from who?