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Dating vilence

In many of those 60% of false accusations, the prosecutors never even file charges.The reason we don’t know the exact rate of false accusations of rape above 65% is that many men, fearing a 50 year sentence, will plead guilty, even though they are innocent, in exchange for a sentencing cap.The dark numbers behind one of the darkest crimes asked and answered, How many women falsely accuse men of rape?A lot of statistics are floating around the Internet: Two percent, say many feminists, the same as other crimes.According to a 1996 Department of Justice report, “in about 25% of the sexual assault cases referred to the FBI, the primary suspect has been excluded by forensic DNA testing.

Kanin reported that in 41% of the cases the complainants eventually admitted that no rape had occurred. Three different universities replicated the Kanin study.Names of the accused should be protected as much as the names of the accusers.Pictures of false accusers should be posted like pictures of other types of criminals to warn others of potential harm.Almost every month we read of another man freed from prison because the false accusations that caused their incarceration were later proven false or a woman recanted.Even if there is no conviction, a false allegation of rape emotionally, socially, and economically destroys a person and their immediate and often extended families. Yet, the names of the accusers are protected while the names of the accused are not.

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In a follow-up study of rape claims filed over a three-year period at two large Midwestern universities, Kanin found that of 64 rape cases, 50% turned out to be false. Consistent results from small samples indicate the need for more research, not that the findings are wrong.

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