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David firth dating

In terms of self-identity, can we choose (how) to inhabit borders or is ‘our side’ imposed upon us?

Is there a political significance of writing and reading in a language other than your ‘mother tongue’?

Interdisciplinary in nature, this conference seeks to explore and expand the horizon of understanding and questioning identity construction and representation, by bringing together papers and participants from all Humanities-based departments!

Do borders truly exist – and, if so, do they inherently apply a binary, and on what terms?

I specialise in postcolonial studies and literary criticism, with a particular emphasis on materialism and world-systems theory.

My research is primarily concerned with twentieth and twenty-first century literature and culture.

I am currently working on two articles with a view to publication in 2018. 2016-2018: I have worked as lead organiser for the Manchester Postcolonial Studies Group.2017-2020: I am currently working as Executive Secretary for the Postcolonial Studies Association.

While Zulu has been celebrated by James Chapman as not only 'a testament to Wales' but a 'unique and special film', this paper unsettles and disrupts the iconic position of Zulu by exposing the film's reliance on landscape and imagination in invoking colonial geographical claims.

Is it possible to remove a border without removing one side, or to have two sides without a border?

Is a postcolonial world moving towards a borderless world, and what would this mean?

Does this idea itself create or reinforce socio-historical borders?

And ultimately, is there a possibility of border-transcending literature, or are the borderlines of language, gender, religion and other areas too inherent and essential to literature?

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The twin aims of the Atelier are to extend reading group areas of enquiry and to influence and enrich the invited speakers’ future research.

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