Debian vs rpm updating kc dating

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Debian vs rpm updating

If Pydio was installed via deb or rpm, you can not use built-in update function of Pydio.

To make sure that every users can access it by clicking on the Pydio logo, update the ROOT_ROLE access control list manually. If you have once saved this plugins parameter, it may still use the old value (Vision).

Cent OS is another distwhich is Red Hat’s minus Non-Free packages.

Cent Os is a stable dist hence latest version of all package is pushed into its RPM tool after testing, the focus remains on stability of dist.

The package manager Apt is too smart to resolve all of it’s dependency problem itself.

It is very rare a Debian user required to download and install dependency manual way.

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Unstable contains more frequently updated packages ready to be pushed into stable release. Internet connection during Debian Installation is optional but recommended.

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