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Dethklok toki dating

Toki sends them away and Pickles complies, but he asks Toki why.

Toki says that he's tired of women who are only interested in him because he's rich and famous calling them "skanky golddiggers and sluts".

After playing in Tokyo, the band kidnaps Toki and locks him in a room with women to sleep with.

Toki starts searching for a soul mate, but eventually sleeps with all of the women.

Skwisgaar accepts the terms and leaves to get a head start, leaving Murderface shouting that he's going to "choke in p*ssy".

Toki is disgusted at the whole conversation and calls his bandmates shallow and leaves to meet with a dating agency.

Toki does not seem enthusiastic, saying "oh wonderful, just what I needs: more sluts." The emcee at Toki's party tells a lot of offensive jokes at the expense of Dethklok.

Murderface begins to give his point of view, but Skwisgaar loudly scoffs at the idea of him having experience with women.

This angers William and he loudly proclaims he can have sex with as many women as Skwisgaar.

Nobody doubts him, but he insists that he's just as good and proclaims that starting that moment he will have sex with as many women as the lead guitarist does.

Nathan and Pickles are up for keeping score, saying that they will take underwear, video recording or audio testimonies as proof of the deed.

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