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But if you don’t say anything to him, he’s going to feel like you’re not interested.

I would say reach out and try to initiate contact once or twice.

I later found out he had been talking to other girls so i confronted and he said he didnt like them, since then things between us havent been the same and he has been inconsistent with answering my messages I’ve been dating this guy for 4 months. I’ve dropped several hints but I’ve never said I love you.

He says he cares about me and is serious about me too but last night I said let’s talk and he said I don’t want to talk.

Even if I’m not into her, it never come off as desperate or creepy or weird. As with everything else though, this is my opinion based on what you’ve told me here. – eric charles This guy started talking to me and we met up, things were great and we talking for hours on end.(between morgtage a son he’s broke, but has no choice but to work overtime and work weekends…he’s trying to get the money to get heatpump in before winter…our winter is in june) So I text a single text about once a week (See how he is) he replies we have a lil text chat. For the first time, I texted him and he took two days to reply… He made a point of mentioning he hopes I don’t think he’s a rude prick for not replying.I told him narh you’ve explained your not much of texter and super busy, But you can make it up to me later… so I said “if you play your cards right” he said “all my cards are jokers” (Not sure what he meant but he has a good sense of humor and very cheeky).But do guys secretly want her to initiate first if it has been a few days? Seriously, when a guy meets a great girl, he’s going to be thinking about you all of the time. All his mates were making an effort to get along with me and including me in the group. We lost each other at some point as I took my mate to the tiolet and they went to get more ciggys.I’ve recently started talking to him At first he answered everyone of my text but then he started giving me these lame one word answers and I always had to start the conversation Recently ive asked him about it and he says I always assume the negative and I took that to mean that he does like me but I just don’t know In my experience guys who like you love to text you and he doesn’t he just started falling off He answers all my text either excitedly or nicely but it’s one worded and he’ll continue to answer all my attempts to make conversation but I’m starting to feel like I’m just bothering him and he’s a really nice person Help please I had a relationship that ended up nowhere because I always had to be the one to initiate contact. The least you can do is make him think you’re thinking of him too. If you, right off the bat, tell a guy that you want to talk to him and you also don’t want to smother him and to let him know if you are, you’ll get a lot of points with him that way. But when he learnt I was alone…lost my friends, They all came back and stayed with me until I was reunited with my friends.

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