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The Odin VI can be purchased for 0 from Odin Mobile without a contract.

Monthly plans are available starting at for 150 minutes and unlimited texts.

To use the BARD service, contact your cooperating Library or visit gov for more information.

Individuals registered for NLS music services may receive braille and large-print music scores, texts, and instructional recordings about music and musicians through the NLS Music Section.

Patrons are encouraged to read the blog and share their own thoughts in the comments section.

NLS is pleased to announce that thirteen network-produced audiobooks have been added to the NLS collection through the Multistate Center East (MSCE) Quality Assurance Program.

Residents of Texas may be able to obtain a free Odin VI phone through the state’s Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program, which provides vouchers for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

For more information visit , a single volume that includes an overview of the state and more detailed maps showing cities, rivers, counties, highways, and farm and mineral products is now available from the Princeton Braillists.

The NLS Music Section has launched a new blog, , at 20 minutos por Virginia Lee Burton leído por Norma Torres Contra la amenaza de los nuevos aparatos de gasolina y motores de diesel, un hombre permanece fiel a su máquina de vapor y excava su camino hacia un final sorprendente—y feliz. (Against the threat of the new gas and diesel-engine contraptions, Mike Mulligan remains loyal to his steam shovel, Mary Anne, and digs his way to a surprising—nd happy—ending.For grades K–3.) 85 hours, 52 minutes by Kenneth Winn, Gary Kremer, and Lawrence Christensen read by Mark Ashby This work contains short biographies of more than seven hundred individuals—many of them native Missourians—who have contributed in some way to the course of state and national history.The Odin VI is not a smartphone and is designed for users who simply want to make phone calls and send text messages.For users who want more complex devices, Odin Mobile also offers a small selection of Android phones with pre-loaded accessibility features.

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Mc Ewan excavates the ruins of childhood and uncovers things that most adults have spent a lifetime forgetting—or denying. His ruminations cover Opus Dei, falconry, and private lessons on Marxism for Pinochet and his generals. 4 hours, 58 minutes by Leopoldo Lugones read by Laura Esterman Twelve short stories by Argentinean fiction writer and poet Leopoldo Lugones, whose baroque style and paranormal fixations link him with kindred spirits such as Edgar Allan Poe and H. In the process we learn why Turtle’s shell is cracked and why you never see Rabbit racing Turtle today. 11 minutes by Devin Scillian read by Nancy Cheper A young boy with a knack for coming up with fitting names for things competes with the high-handed man who has been assigning absurd names to see who will have the right to decide what things will be called. 27 minutes by Tim Tingle read by Nancy Cheper Mississippi before the Civil War.