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Last December, I was invited to tour the new set of New Girl to help promote their final season and you bet I carved out a few hours to head over.

Visiting a Hollywood set is exciting, even for those of us who have experience on set.

However this post isn’t about the set itself, but more about the people who pull it together, on a daily basis – The production designer, set decorator and set dressers.

Otherwise known as the hardest working (and least thanked people) in Hollywood (and every photo/video shoot).

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It was relatable, funny and charming and had a love story that I looked forward to following.and final season, they have jumped 3 years in the future and made some updates to the set. Due to the time jump and the different places these characters are in their lives now, the designers were tasked with making it feel a bit more grown up.In the final season premiere, we see Jess and Nick returning from a European book tour, as Nick has become a successful writer. It was less ‘thrifted early 20’s’ and more ‘vintage inspired early 30’s. So many iconic pieces remained (the shelves, and the sectional, her bedspread) and it still had the same thrifty vibe, but there is more cohesion and it is a bit more pulled together.These are the types of pieces that make set styling and this set in specific so special.They give the space and the “loft” character and put a human decision and emotion behind every single piece that is in there.

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