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Expiration dating dietary supplements

The EQP Seal will mark manufacturers who successfully complete an audit and checkpoint verification process meeting quality targets established by Emerson Ecologics.

The team uses a combination of self-disclosed GMP and third-party audit information from organizations like NSF and NPA, along with Emerson’s own onsite audit and document audit.

Indeed, most of the many dietary supplement manufacturers servicing clinicians maintain quality standards and meet basic requirements set out by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

The question then becomes distinguishing superior quality among the options.

’” In the service of this kind of discovery, Liva has created Manufacturer Certification and Quality Assurance Self-Audit, a guide for practitioners seeking more information from supplement manufacturers.

Liva’s manual contains questions soliciting information about companies, personnel, quality procedures and GMPs, raw materials, and finished products.

Within the audit, Liva identifies several “critical” questions (see sidebar) he believes most important for quality, which gives practitioners a good place to start during the research process.

Practitioners should also ask manufacturers about the research driving their product development.

“An important indicator of product quality is the incorporation of clinically studied, branded, or patented ingredients,” says Barry Ritz, Ph D, vice president of scientific affairs for Atrium Innovations.

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