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The unsteady side, between a beautiful sensuality and banal nude, consists in our perception of the image.If, its viewing, causes in us raised feelings of admiration of beauty of a nude female body, that, certainly, before us – product of erotic art. Certainly, our perception, depends not only on perfection of a body of model and skill of a photo of the artist, but also from degree of culture of the spectator.Your last gal is The Burning Lotus, a 57 year old Austin Texas native who is here to show you women’s bodies are sexy at any age, especially if they keep in shape.You can read more details about her here, and she also has a Tumblr with more pictures to offer.The female body, was considered disproportionate and ugly.Therefore, it was is unworthy the image, as the beauty and perfection standard - a man's body.

The matter is that, I consider, extreme female bodybuilding. Between a sensuality and sex and as body building and fitness, exists much in common.

In all her displa: Sports sensuality totals as much years, how many and sports.

After all at the beginning of the sports formation, all athletes acted only as completely bared. The beautiful sensuality differs from usual that it is possible to show a beautiful sensuality only with healthy and sports a body.

Grumblers displeased at life, often does set to us a the same question: "Why there is so many erotica" on your web-site? They do not understand the simplest intercommunication: fitness - health - beautiful body - erotica - sex. And man that lost interest in an erotica and sex, it as easy as anything to "calculate" by appearance. But always men met in one: ideal woman - bare woman A naked body is banality.

In fact maintenance of health and smart, sport body is possible only in this copula. A bare body is this art But nevertheless: why erotica?

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