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Then it disappeared and Gem gasped as he saw his sister materialize in front of him."Gemma! "Gemma nodded before glancing at the duplicate version of herself laying motionless upon the ground. The pale girl crumpled to the ground as the light stopped and assumed the shape of Scott. "You might be dead, but you have now returned and I will not stop until you have been wiped from the memory of everyone you care about! She had no time to dodge or deflect his attack, but when his fist met with her head, she felt sparks explode around her. Despite the group being surrounded, she was still pretty far away. "You'll live, we just need to stop the bleeding and- ""I am glad I was able to become friends with you guys." Vasquez was losing breath, her voice getting quieter with each word. The colonel rushed over and ripped Vasquez's body out of Summer's arms, looking down at her with a mixture of pain and anger etched on his face."Colonel, I'm so sorry," Summer sighed. Yes, it had happened to Gemma too, but as a Power Ranger, she had been allowed to return temporarily. She passed Vasquez's body back to the colonel and went over to Gemma. Summer glanced over at Gemma's actual lifeless body, her heart breaking all over again. Ten-Four, over."In the next few minutes, Gem, Flynn, and Corporal Hicks tried valiantly to rip apart the car to find Gem's sister, but it was no use. "As the ambulance stopped, about 9 paramedics got out."Help us! Flynn and Gem stepped back and the paramedics took their place. ""Oh no," Gem murmured as the paramedics lifted his sister's body out of the broken-down Jeep. Her clothes were torn and her body was crisscrossed with many heavily bleeding cuts and gashes. Then Gemma cried out in pain, her arms straining against the straps that held her down. Gemma coughed a few times, spewing up blood, her silver eyes widening in terror as her face and chest were coated in red.

As he struggles to get home, he is drawn into the twisted, broken mess his best friend has become." Flynn."Not long, I'm guessing." Dillon."Sometimes, I wish things like this could be real. They truly are." Everyone was surprised at Ziggy's words. Until now, Gem hadn't realized that his sister's return would allow her to breathe and feel pain again. Vasquez repeated her call and instantly threw herself over Summer. Summer bent down and placed her hand on Vasquez's chest, her breath catching in her throat when she felt her friend's heartbeat slowing down. Then her head fell back and her eyes glazed over, now filling with the images of the horizon behind them before finally closing."Vasquez…" Dr. One of her legs was bleeding where the bone was poking out of it and the other was also bleeding and laid at an awkward position. I will then have to stay in the spirit world forever, but Vasquez can come back."Summer stared at her in astonishment. Flynn was now holding Vasquez's body, but as some life flowed back into her, her smiled a bit, then it faded. ""You heard me." Vasquez's hazel eyes flashed for a moment. "She has Tarian too; we were trying to get to the hospital.""Tarian? We had a car crash in Sector 12-B with Gem, Gemma, Flynn, and the unknown driver of a black sedan. Her black hair, once beautiful and shiny, was stained with blood. Until then, it would continue to happen."Gemma, just hold on! " she cried, tears running down her cheeks again."What's going on? The instant she saw Gemma, she knew something was wrong."All available paramedics, please come to Room 211!He gasped as he heard the crack of bone breaking and the scent of blood sprayed into the air. By then, Scott had increased the speed of his attack, unable to stop. K had been silent for so long that the Rangers had almost forgotten she was there, but as her friend fell to the ground, she ran to her side."Vasquez, no! K cried as she frantically tried to pull the sword out. You need to protect Corinth." With every breath, she seemed to be growing weaker. Summer carefully gathered Vasquez into her arms and stood up, pressing both hands against her back in a last attempt to stem the bleeding."Don't… Her black hair was splayed out under her, shining with silver. Summer crossed over to them and took Vasquez from Flynn. "I'd like to live with you and help you against Venjix in any way I can."Dr. "Unfortunately," she said to Summer, "I have seen this before. The other three paramedics went back in the ambulance and got a stretcher. ""Yes.""There is a small chance she might not survive this.""It's a small chance, right? ""Once I knew he had died, I had to do this for him. " Gem wanted to run and get a doctor, but just the same, he didn't want to leave Gemma. "Then Veronica asked him once again to leave."Are you kidding me?However, he had a feeling that it was the only thing Gemma would remember… Soon, Gemma lay torn, bleeding, and barely breathing on the ground. " Summer screamed, slowly pointing the blade of the sword towards her chest. Not to mention that, I'd lose the only other girl I'd ever loved. Dillon knew, in his heart, that Summer was grieving in her own way for the dead Silver Ranger. They still needed to defend Corinth, but no one wanted to accept the fact that one of the Rangers had been killed and that the death had been helped along by the leader of the team. He knew that the Gold Ranger wouldn't want to keep fighting. Summer and Gem were no longer willing to fight, Flynn was grieving for Gemma more than ever, Dr. He wanted to be able to connect to her spirit, to relieve her of the bad memories. The last emotional thing she had experienced, good or bad, was when Scott had almost killed her deliberately. She will not be able to return to the spirit world to heal her spiritual self right now."Silence reigned over the Rangers until the flash of white smoke reappeared again, bringing Gemma back to the same position as before, but unable to walk thanks to her broken ankle."Hey! Gemma whimpered and then screamed out in agony as she landed awkwardly on her good leg and it twisted beneath her.Gem wanted to run to her side, but the only time he moved was when Gemma began to slowly inch her way across the floor after Scott had left. " He zipped out of the bed and ran over to the Silver Ranger, then picked her up and carried her back to the bed."It- it hurts," she whimpered. He must know that his sister wouldn't want him to die the way she did, Dillon reflected, or he would have moved on already. K didn't like Ziggy that much, and he himself was partly infected by the Venjix virus. Not caring about how much pain she was in, he had made it so that it would be the only thing she'd remember. Knowing that there was no escape from her enemy now that both broken legs prevented her from running, she lay helplessly on the ground. He lay there, lifeless, menacing eyes glaring up at Gem. He couldn't return until he knew that Gemma was going to survive.

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A rampage by Tenaya causes a spiral of trouble and misfortune for Gemma. "Find out the truth about Gemma," she ordered coldly. "Even Tenaya was never so cruel…" She crouched down beside Summer and stretched her arm out to lay a hand on Gemma's limp form. " Summer spat as she passed Gemma's body to Gem, then collapsed. He managed to stop it and wrapped his arms tightly around Gemma's body. Nothing happened; he'd never expected it to anyway.

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