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I notice that Court was sitting in the front row for the Hopman Cup finals yesterday, and was mentioned twice in passing by the Western Australian premier, Labour's Mark Mc Gowan, who backed marriage equality and formally and officially apologised to anyone convicted over homosexual acts under older draconian laws in Western Australia. Her grunt actually sounds like Sharapova's when she's not shrieking. I wouldn't be surprised if she wins Hobart this week and none of the top seeds will want to draw her early at the AOHe's not very tall. He's very aggressive and hard-hitting on his groundstrokes.I think the sense of this is that hatchets have been buried, but that Court is on a short lease—things stay as they are (i.e., she can continue to be styled "Margaret Court, the greatest tennis player Australia has ever produced"), unless she decides to come out with more incendiary remarks.[R43] I think she has made modifications in her game recently - she attacks earlier instead of being defensive and looking for a counter-punch opportunity. I saw the highlights of her final last fall against Sharapova. He had some nice rallies last week against Mmoh and then Harrison.Quick..a Top Ten golfer on the LPGA Tour.r15 She doesn't have a boyfriend though, and she never presented a boyfriend to the media before, if she is lesbian, she isn't very closeted, and an important reason why she didn't do well after her Grand Slam wins is that she doesn't have a boyfriend and isn't very closeted, difficult to market. What has her not having a boyfriend to do with her not doing well?I mean, I sort of get the marketing thing (even though I also wouldn't say it has to do with her not having a bf - she's simply not very good at the whole thing, is very awkward, doesn't have much of a personality etc).Anyway, her playing shit tennis after her great year has nothing to do with her having no bf.IDK whether she's closeted or not tho, she always claimed she was looking for a dude but that it was hard lol.Rubin and Mmoh already out in 1st round of qualies. She likely will get wild cards at the FO and Wimbledon. If Nadal wins another Grand Slam because people roll over or he doesn't have to beat anyone ranked over #28 in the world, I'll vomit.

Most Oz players who are “stationed” abroad tend to be in the States (usually Florida, though Rafter opted for Bermuda, IIRC). R78From an article about published last year:"The son of a Spanish mother and Uruguayan father, De Minaur was born in Sydney but moved to Spain at five.It might be she realizes she is getting to old to just run after these balls and be on the defensive side, look how it drains players like Rafa or Murray. I hope she can continue that more aggressive play at the Aussie Open, especially when a match gets tight and the natural inclination is to retreat to your comfort zone. It appears it's not so much that he's a specific target for racist cunts in Germany, but that racist cunts have now got a party whose members have been given free rein to tweet racist shit wherever and whenever. Verdasco was very frustrated at how consistent De Minaur was today. So now Marion Bartoli recognizes that she did not lose the weight because of a virus; she lost all the weight because her then boyfriend was bullying her for being fat."He was an absolute douchebag." DL sleuths knew there was a rat all along!I think that most players with very strong views on the matter are probably working behind the scenes to avoid being put on the arena for their matches.After the pretty unpleasant climate during the marriage equality debate, I think most people just want to let the 60 % yeses speak for themselves and let the whole situation cool down.

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Nadal has had the easiest early round draws of any long-term top player. He very rarely draws anyone before round 3 who could threaten him. how much money bookies paid to Fog when he was leading 6/2,3/1 ,40/40 at Daniel's serve . Medvedev was struggling physically too due to heat Total implosion by Fog.

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  1. Maybe instead we can learn to treat each other as equal players of a very silly game that we all secretly take quite seriously. But it seems quite clear to me that we’re not there yet. I’m a feminist, sex-positive 21st century lady whose photos include me posing in a Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume.