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Freaky sex

Human beings are not supposed to be shy and tentative creatures. When you’re getting naked and having fun, forget about what is considered a social norm and go with your gut.

We have urges and tendencies we often ignore because they’re not what society considers proper. Do what you want, but make sure to read their body language so you know it’s not too far. I’ve never had sex in public, but that’s almost the first thing to come to mind when I think about freaky sexy.

You create the freakiness from the slight fear the other person may have with biting, Plus, you’ll make some really amazing sensations. Nothing says freak like grabbing a handful of hair and pulling it–not too hard though. You may have some typical sex toys lying around that you like using from time to time, but what about sex toys that are wild and crazy?

There should never be any hair actually coming off of the person’s head; just enough to cause them a tiny pit of pain. Using some toys your partner may have never seen before might intimidate them, but it might also drive them wild.

These are usually the ones who end up scaring people off and even getting a reputation for being a freak in the sheets.

But there are also people out there intimidated by the idea of wild and freaky sex. They think they’ll scare off any hookup with their kinkiness and so they hold back. [Read: The kink list: 20 freaky fetishes that aren’t weird at all] Make it freaky, but keep it classy Sex is meant to be fun, wild, crazy, and unleash your inner freak.

Nothing says freak quite like bending yourself into a position even a contortionist wouldn’t dare try.

The key is to make sure it’s a position where the sex feels good, and it’s easy for entry.

Always watch for signs that they’re not having fun. People who successfully have freaky sexy without going overboard are the confident ones.

You can even use sour candies to run along your body and make the other person find the sour spots. Playing different games adds a level of freak they may not get elsewhere. [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel horny again] #10 50 Shades of Grey it. Playing up someone’s fetish creates some really freaky and fun sex.

[Read: Sexual bucket list – 17 fun, sexy ideas you have to try] [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas that are worth trying at least once in your lifetime] These techniques for having freaky sex keeps things exciting, steamy, racy, but they’ll also stop you from crossing that line and going overboard.

They make you believe you love the freakiness–which they will be if you remain confident.

Being shy might just add a layer of awkward on top of freak.

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You can’t just outright bite down with full force on a guy’s manly bits.