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I CAN' T ESCAPE MY DESIRES I LOVE DRESSING AS A WOMAN I LOVE BEING TIED UP I am bisexual, slim, smooth-skinned, very submissive and a transvestite.

I used to play self-bondage tie-me-up and gag-me games when I was a little boy.

The sight and mewing sounds of a bound and gagged female in television detective serials excited me tremendously to the extent that I wanted to be that female.

For the most part though I felt extremely happy to have a slim waist, feminine legs and a reasonable appearance in women's clothes.

To avoid playing sports, my best friend and I would often disappear and spend some afternoons at his house, conveniently located near to the sports field.

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We all lived with my grandmother so I had the influence of two women during my formative years and I dearly wanted to tell them my secret.

By this I mean that whereas men's clothes tend to be dull and uninspiring, women's fashions are varied in styles and textures and I was overjoyed at being in a position to experience the variety of colours, fabrics and choices available to the modern woman.

My wardrobe has grown and is well stocked by anyone's standards.

I was and still am very sexually aware and certainly as a teenager was attracted to girls, but found the transformation and dressing more than satisfied my needs.

From about 18 years of age, I was working and began the process of buying my own clothes, makeup, wigs etc in a process of discovery.

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My earliest recollection of dressing in female clothing was at about 8 years of age, when I was given a pair of silky blue shorts by my mother which at the time I assumed were suitable for either a boy or a girl.