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Posted by / 25-Aug-2019 13:10

This powerful statement, of judges dismissing almost out of hand any prostitution case involving persons with a physical disability, sets an important moral precedent that I think we all ought to follow.For many, voluntary sex work - that is, done by people who do it without being physically forced or blackmailed into it - is wrong for reasons I find extremely wanting (unless they mean sex trafficking, in which case we're not talking about the same thing. But many, including judges, accept that there is a unique situation when it comes to the relationship between sex workers and people with disabilities**.When prostitution cases are brought before a judge in Britain, a particular kind of “John” (or customer) will almost always have the case tossed out of court: that is, if the customer is a person with a disability.So explains a member of the group TLC Trust to me: a group that defends and promotes the interaction between sex workers and people with disabilities – TLC, as you’ll see, and similar groups, has become my new favourite advocacy group.

As sex worker and campaigner Rachel Wooton said: “I treat them as human beings.However we find fulfilment, as long as we are not harming others, shouldn’t be an issue and we should celebrate that there are people, like sex workers, helping and facilitating this.Consigning worries to the shadows does not dispel them, it only removes them from sight.We benefit no one and protect nobody by asserting our disgust, hatred and antagonism of sex workers and/or people with disabilities.We allow our own privileged positions as capable or strong or non-disabled people – able to have ‘normal’ consensual adult relations – to cloud ourselves if we think everyone else is capable of this.

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However, what I perceive from sex workers and this relationship is an element of morality worth emulating and promoting; and thus ultimately treating sex workers and people with disabilities with the respect both groups deserve, as persons with interests, that warrant wider respect and, indeed, admiration.