French women dating for bread

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French women dating for bread

There are some weird things about the French that the rest of the world will find a bit hard to understand.

It is true that there are also a lot of prejudices against the French that have resulted into some made up observations about them.

This is not weird at all, if you come to think of it.

While this greeting is customary in France, it isn’t exactly the type of greeting that will fly around anywhere.The typical reasoning behind it is that everyone gets a fair share of the responsibility to pay and no one will end up owing anybody anything.The French however, look down upon this practice as a sign of miserliness and is therefore, unacceptable.Their young taste buds are exposed to a variety of flavors.This is perhaps why French cuisine evolved into what it is today—one of the world’s most well-loved fares.

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Source: In the US and other Americanized countries, it is commonplace for groups to split the bill in a restaurant.