Friendship turns to dating

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Friendship turns to dating

The Meaning of the Word “Wali” Wali, in the Arabic language, has a wide set of meanings, none of which are used to simply mean “buddy, pal or acquaintance”, the way that we would use the term “friend” in modern times to denote our casual relationships with colleagues at work, peers at school or neighbors.In an everyday reading of the Qu’ran, after reading this question initially, I came across the word wali and its various derivatives multiple times; sometimes it meant “guardian”, other times, “discharger of affairs or executor”, or “protector and ally”, and even “inheritor”.should be the first one to answer so as to set the tone - people tend to follow the trend or what is brought to mind by others' sharing. However, I would want to add that the questions should be open-ended. In fact it's good to vary it each time just to keep things fresh - and those ways can also reveal things about one another.In other words, they can't be answered by just 'yes' or 'no'. Invariably there're some people who are more outgoing and are ready to be the first one to share while there are some who want to take time to think and be the last one.Thank you also, for asking about a verse that has great implications for Muslims in the West, a verse that is often misquoted, misconstrued and misunderstood by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Do not take the Jews and the Christians as protecting allies [lit.

That would seem somewhat strange, because after all, men are allowed to marry non-Muslims.

that two or more things exist in such a way that there is nothing between them that is not from them, and this is metaphorically used for closeness in terms of location, relation, and from the perspective of religion, and of companionship, and of reinforcing aid, and beliefs, and wilaaya is to support [back-up] and walaaya is the encharging of affairs.” [Mufradaat al-Quran, al-Isfahani] Even when wali is translated without qualification as “friend” for humans, such as when one mentions a “wali of Allah” – may Allah Ta’ala make us amongst His awliya!

– it implies a closeness between the Divine Master and slave such that absolutely nothing foreign is between them; the slave stands for everything the Master stands for, nor are they out of sync at all.

The intent is for everyone to get to know everyone else. The latter should be allowed the freedom to so that the experience is not stressful for them.

In fact, often times I leave the questions so open-ended that when someone asks exactly what I mean, I would say, "However you want to interpret it! And there might be some who are very uncomfortable about speaking up in a crowd. It's not about accomplishing the task of doing icebreakers; it's about caring for people.

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In interpreting the Qur’an then, it is vital to understand what was happening at the time of revelation that caused a particular verse to be sent down (these occasions are called asbaab al-nuzool in the science of Qur’anic exgesis).

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