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From my peripheral vision I could tell he was still staring at me, eventually I looked up at him, and saw that he was indeed staring, but he was also stroking his cock.

I was in shock and couldn't help but look, it was fully erect now, and probably 10 inches long, and at least twice as thick as mine.

An older man walked in alone with a towel wrapped around his waist, the door closed behind him, he had clearly gotten quite the view upon walking in, and was now staring at my naked cock with a smile on his face.

I quickly sat down and covered my lap with my towel, a bit embarrassed.

After 3 years together I knew that Erin was the girl I was going to marry, and I had been saving up money for an engagement ring, but Erin had expensive tastes, and I knew that the ring had to be a good one.

Erin was very patient with me when it came to sex, we didn't have sex for the first 4 months of our relationship, and when I was finally ready, she was very kind in bed, and helped calm my nerves.

I had always been a shy person, and Erin did most of the initial flirting, and making of moves that brought us together.

This is my first attempt at a story, and includes some of my favourite fantasies, as well as some elements of my previous experiences.

Would love to hear any feedback, good or bad, especially if you're a Daddy, and like this story, maybe we can get together and make our own. * I had been going to the local YMCA after work for about a week now, I was trying to bulk up a little bit to impress my girlfriend. I certainly wasn't in bad shape at all, I just wanted to get a little bigger and tone up a bit.

I was 20 years old now, and had been dating Erin for 3 years, we got together towards the end of senior year in high school.

I had always been called cute, and I think my red hair had something to do with that, I also looked a good deal younger than my age.

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His stare was beginning to make me feel uneasy, I could tell his eyes were looking over my body, and he didn't seem to care that I noticed.

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