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In doubles matches, one half of a team takes the front, the other takes the back; the back player of the serving team is the server.

Typically, the better receiver takes the front for the receiving team.

In singles matches, the side margins of the court are considered out-of-bounds; in doubles, they're fair game.

is a popular worldwide racket sport, originating as a racket-less game in France during the Middle Ages.

In addition to the Bond One-Liner provided above, it is also the source for numerous sex jokes (Even when we're not scoring, we're in love! It's regulated by the International Tennis Federation, with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) responsible for the men's game and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) for the ladies'.

Only points accumulated in the last 52 weeks are included in the rankings, however, which means that for each yearly tournament the points earned by their players from last year are erased and replaced with their newest results.

This means that a low-ranked player can shoot up several ranking spots with a single exceptional performance at a major tournament, but also that the same player can crash back down the ranking list if s/he fails to "defend" their points at the same tournament next year (assuming that their performances at all other tournaments are the same as last year's).

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Rankings also determine the draws in tournaments through four different classifications: Of course, the official rankings aren't the whole story and it's important to keep in mind that Grand Slams aren't the only events that matter points-wise (in spite of what news coverage of them might imply), which means that it's perfectly possible for a player to not win a single Slam and still finish the year as No.