Generating list of changesets and updating kenny wormald rachele brooke smith dating

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Generating list of changesets and updating

Patterns that begin with a path separator (/ on Mac OS and Linux, on Windows) will be treated as being relative to the root of the repository.

All other patterns are treated as being relative to the current working directory.

The Excludes all files that match the given pattern from the diff.

This can be used multiple times to specify multiple patterns. Supported by: Bazaar, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, and Subversion.

This saves a lot of time over the web UI, and for some types of code repositories (such as Perforce), it’s actually required in order to produce a compatible diff.

In order to do this, you can pass in revisions as arguments, which will generate a diff based on a range of committed revisions.rbt post must be used if you’re using Perforce with Review Board, as the diff generated by p4 diff doesn’t provide the information necessary to properly display a side-by-side diff.To post with a path, rbt post should be run with a standard Perforce depot path as a parameter, which may contain revision information.The end result is that rbt post will build a diff and post it to a Review Board server.The diff and any additional review request information will be saved on the server as a draft, which can then be published.

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A parent diff is a diff between some known upstream revision that Review Board has access to and the parent of your branch.