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Hank azaria dating 2016

And the latest bombshell we’re dropping our jaws over is that Phoebe wasn’t meant to end up with Mike! According to Hank Azaria, who, of course, played David the scientist guy, Phoebe was actually meant to end up with HIM. ‘The plan always was kind of to bring [David] back,’ Hank revealed.

Hank Azaria used lots of comedy and humor in his tips to the graduates but wanted to include as many life lessons as possible in those tips.And the 52-year-old actor thought it would be “funny” to show all the heavy drinking, drugs and this man “going wild” after learning about his wife’s infidelity.And even though , said that while he wants people to laugh, he was “surprised” at how emotional it turned out to be for many people.Phoebe and David first started dating in season one but she was left heartbroken when he left to study in Minsk.David then returned in season seven to see Phoebe whilst he was visiting New York before he turned up again in season nine after failing his research in Minsk but Phoebe was dating Mike.

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