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If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you should visit the websites of either the GRO in Scotland or the GRO in Northern Ireland for further information on how to go about registering your baby's birth.It is also possible to register British subjects abroad in certain countries.The birth certificate There are two types of birth certificate; the short version, which contains only your baby's details, and the full version, which also contains all of your details.Once you have registered the birth, your baby will be issued with a short birth certificate free of charge.But if one of you cannot attend, then the other parent must show the registrar a declaration of parentage.You can get one of these forms from your registry office.What you need to do at the birth registration When you register your baby's birth, you will need to inform the registrar of: You must be absolutely sure that the information recorded in the birth register is correct before you sign it, so check it carefully once the registrar has written it all down.The details on the birth register can be hard to change once you have signed it.

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This is done by the British Embassy or High Commission.

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