Interracial dating new york

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Interracial dating new york

He’s such a persona, he’s such a famous guy, and that’s what he wanted to achieve. He changed his hair, and actually since he’s been growing an afro ever since. I worked with him also on a physical level, just physical appearance. THR: With a white woman and a black man, there could have been a real racial comedy aspect to it, but there wasn’t really. I wanted it to be not the issue of their relationship. But I was pretty much like that from the beginning.

THR: A lot of people have been saying, ‘Finally, someone figured out how to use Chris Rock.’ Have you heard that? People were surprised that he actually plays the straight man.

In that moment, I recognized my society’s implicit rule that white girls just don’t date Chinese boys, and I began to wonder why.

that about 9 percent of American marriages occur between people of different races.

Most people I know have kids with someone, moved to someone else, had another kid, moved to someone else. It’s not my personal situation, because I’m with the same person that I have my son with, but I see that situation happening a lot. As well as bring up losing your parents, having kids, more responsibility in life, compromises. I sort of liked the idea of taking someone who is so not an indie figure.

They have series of relationships that don’t work out. PHOTOS: The Scene at the Sundance Film Festival THR: What drew you to having Chris Rock in the role? A lot of people were like ‘You can get this person, this person.’ I was like no no no, this is Chris Rock, I want Chris Rock.

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He was Delpy's first choice for the film, and that they form an interracial couple is almost besides the point. " Film Review: 2 Days in New York THR: What’s the difference between an American in Paris, and French people in New York? Delpy: It’s different -- I mean, an American in Paris was really a fish out of water. Ex-boyfriends, the city, taxi drivers, the people: everything seems like it’s attacking and closing in.

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