Invalidating session in php

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Invalidating session in php

Any cookies beyond this limit will either knock out an older cookie or be ignored/rejected by the browser.

At least in my setup a change in one of the parameters resulted in the cookie not being 'there' anymore. Using array names was impractical and problematic, so I implemented a splitting routine.There is no warranty that such will happen as instructed.That is one of the reasons why the cookie values sent to browsers by some platforms are encrypted and timestamped, to ensure that they are actual and not tampered.More importantly though, the cookie specification says that browsers need only accept 20 cookies per domain.This limit is increased to 50 by Firefox, and to 30 by Opera, but IE6 and IE7 enforce the limit of 20 cookie per domain.

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To fetch the cookie value I get the named piece then iterate through piece names rebuilding the base64 data, then reverse the rest of the process.

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