Is ashley and beau from awkward dating

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Is ashley and beau from awkward dating

And we don’t water her down for whoever may be viewing this, and feeling insecure about, you know, their kids, or whatever.

We portray a fifteen year old with every nuance that a 15-year-old has.

And Jake and Jenna could just talk for hours, and it’s easy, and they finish each other’s sentences, and at the same time, other things are harder for them to admit to, or to accomplish.

So there’s pros and cons to each relationship, and they fit, if you were to combine them, perfectly into this perfect human being that doesn’t exist, hence the reason that love triangles are around, because nobody’s perfect.

But I think something that would be really great to see in Season 2 would be her rebelling a little bit more than she is now.

Ashley Rickards: Oh, I’m always flattered when they say that, but yeah. And in real life, I’m pretty fashion savvy, very into hair and make-up, could sit down all day in a make-up trailer and be completely enthralled with everything. And actually, on the show I only wear foundation; I don’t even get mascara.

THR: This show portrays a pretty edgy view of teenagers, but the birthday episode reminded us that Jenna was only 15 all this time.

And nobody ends up winning, because nobody ever does.

I mean, she ends up happy, and one of the boys ends up happy, but there’s still a part of her, as with any person, that’s going to doubt their decision.

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And in the end, one person’s going to be upset, and one person’s going to have lost. THR: Can we expect her to end the season on a high?

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