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In week 10, it was announced that Haenow was the winner, beating fellow Over 25 Fleur East with 57.2% of the votes.His debut single "Something I Need" was released after his victory and became the Christmas number one.However, the following week, James was in the bottom two with Stevi Richie.The vote again went to deadlock, and James was voted out due to having the fewest public votes. He was given a place in the X Factor Live Tour for coming in the top half, and anybody eliminated after him was in the X Factor Live Tour as well.On 22 February 2015, it was announced that Faustini had signed a record deal with RCA Records and would be going to Los Angeles to record his debut album, due for release later in 2015.Jack Walton (born 18 September 1996) is a pub singer from Castleford.

Mel B chose: Paul Akister (born 11 March 1989) is a pub singer from Lancaster, Lancashire.The six candidates at judges' houses were: Fleur East, Helen Fulthorpe, Ben Haenow, Jay James, Lizzy Pattinson, and Stevi Ritchie.Cowell chose: In 2005, she was on the second series of the show as a member of the girl group Addictiv Ladies.The group were eliminated during the first week after ending up in the bottom two with Chico.In the final, East was announced as the runner-up in the competition, losing to fellow over-25 Ben Haenow with 34.3% of the votes to Haenow's 57.2%.

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He was once again in the bottom two in the semi-final, this time with Lauren Platt.

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