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The actor is also trying to shed his 'idol' title and wants to morph into an entirely different person for his roles.He no longer wants to be seen as the perfect gentleman, and added that he is willing to try becoming fat, bald and even disfigurement to change his image, similar to what Hong Kong actor-singer Aaron Kwok did.It is hard for me doing this all alone which you may have noticed i haven't posted any KPOP related news recently. back again to the way it was but doing this by myself is difficult.

Their company probably made the two wear couple bracelet and rings to make us She is in love with his best friend. Now his life as changed, he's wife has left him, he's children has abandon him now he's stuck being homeless, cold, hungry, and alone.

When asked if he would retort against reporters like Jay Chou famously did, Wu Chun admitted, "I might, if I see them around again.

They better not go too extreme." Perhaps, the paparazzi's constant trailing might be the reason why this Bruneian heartthrob is still single.

He was worried initially that the actress would be cold and difficult to work with, but his fears were left unfounded.

Commenting on his first collaboration with Rainie, Wu Chun expressed that she is very bubbly and easy to get along with.

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A few months ago, Wu Chun left Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit because he wanted to focus on his acting career, and to have more time for his family.

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