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Laterst italian dating site

was at 52.9 percent, compared to 57.2 percent during a referendum vote in 2016.6.08pm update: Padellaro: “The novelty will be the M5s victory.

Within the Democratic Party, we will witness an internal battle""The novelty of these elections will be the victory of the 5-Star Movement, and I have the impression it will be important, even if they do not reach absolute majority".

Italy’s 18th general election since 1948 takes place on Sunday March 4, less than three months after President Sergio Matarella dissolved Parliament on December 28.

Today, Italians will head to the polls to cast their ballots for the 945 member Parliament, between 7am and 11pm local time (6am and 10pm GMT).

However Berlusconi cannot become Prime Minister or even a member of the Parliament as he was found guilty of fraud in 2013.

He has announced European Parliament President Antonio Tajani as choice to head any future government.

Within the coalition, the anti-immigrant League was seen leading, with 15.8 percent, ahead of its right-wing ally, former premier Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia, which was projected to get 13.9 percent.

Five Star Movement gains over 30 percent of the vote Pollsters have predicted the anti-establishment Five Star Movement looks set to be the biggest single party at the general election, if they do succeed in becoming the biggest single party, its leader Luigi Di Maio will only be given a mandate if he can form with other parties, which M5S chose not to do in the 2013 general election.

New elections If there is no clear winner, President Mattarella will start talks with representatives of each party in order to pick the candidate for the formation of a government, and he could give parties several weeks to negotiate, which could take up to two months or so.4.09pm: Possible outcomes of Italian election Pollsters have predicted that former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right party and his far-right allies - Lega and Brothers of Italy - will emerge as the largest bloc in parliament but they will fall short of the 40 percent of votes needed to win.

Today’s election is likely to produce a hung parliament and weeks of political uncertainty.

”She also asked: “Would you create a government with Matteo Salvini?

”Mr Draghi, who shook his head to make clear he wasn’t willing to answer any questions, walked to the car waiting for him, while his wife said: “He doesn’t do the government, he is not a politician”.

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But Italy could be heading for a hung parliament after the results produced no outright winner.