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The People Brazilians are friendly and free-spirited, with an incredible zest for life. Predominantly Roman Catholic (73%), families are large and often include extended family members.

Family, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds are important to Brazilians.

The knife remains in the right hand, and the fork remains in the left.

Companies generally recruit new workers through their current employees and employees’ family members and close relatives.

This guarantees the trust, loyalty and sense of responsibility that are important to keeping the organization together.

The family is equally important when promotion is involved.

Employees generally put the well-being of their families ahead of their professional careers, especially Latin American women.

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There will be separate glasses provided at your setting for water and white and red wine or beer (after-dinner drink glasses come out after dinner). Bread is sometimes served without butter; in that case, there usually will not be a butter knife, nor will there be a bread dish: your bread is placed on the rim of your main plate or on the table by your plate. When not holding utensils, your hands are expected to be visible above the table: this means you do not keep them in your lap; instead, rest your wrists on top of the table (never your elbows). Sometimes other circumstances determine who pays (such as rank). 10 percent tip is usually sufficient in restaurants.

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  1. We devote time, money and our emotions to finding a partner. In recent years, pick up artists have gamified the dating world, using social triggers, patterns of behaviour, and accepted sexual norms to encourage men to ‘play’ women.