Liquidating kazakhstan company

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Liquidating kazakhstan company

A capital gains tax is levied on the profits that a corporation or natural person realizes when he or she sells sells a capital asset for a price that is higher than the purchase price.The interest withholding tax rate is estimated at 15%.The above is not tax or legal advice for your company particular tax obligations.can to refer you to an accountant in Kazakhstan who can give you the proper advice and help you need. Click incorporate now if you are in a hurry, or press the free consultation button above.Easy Step by Step Process: The standard process typically takes between two (2) to three (3) weeks depending on when we receive all the required information from you.Once we receive your information, we will email you a complete set of documents for your review within 3 working days upon confirmation of payment.

The underlying legal code in Kazakhstan is civil law law.In terms of other taxation, an employer will contribute 16% to the equivalent of a social security fund and an employee will contribute 10%.The overall complexity of the tax system is medium.From the time of verification of incorporation it can take (1) one week to (2) two weeks to apply for and receive a bank account.We work primarily with banks that allow for remotely opened accounts to ensure you are ready to do business as soon as possible.

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After executing the documents, you will need to mail them to us and we will formally submit your application for filing with the Registry.

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