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Thanks to quick thinking on Roman Brady's part, Belle survived.

Male or female, it doesn't matter." Shortly after being discharged from the Marines in 2010, Carmouche took up mixed martial arts and fell in love with the sport.It became a game among other Marines to guess who was gay or lesbian, in the hopes of getting them kicked out of the service.While deep in the closet, Carmouche was stationed in San Diego and frequented the gay clubs in the Hillcrest section and briefly dated a woman. "My best friend in the Marines, her name is Kim, said one day while we were in Iraq that homosexuals in the Forces should be put on the front line because they deserved to die. “I knew then I couldn’t come out to anyone but, when I left the Marines, I called Kim and let her know ‘Hey, I'm one of those people you wanted killed.' “I was very blunt about how she’d make me feel… She told me she loved me and would never, ever want to see me get hurt.One way of getting her to be less guarded was to play a game where Hernandez would try and guess on whether a particular person was gay; usually he was right, she says."He has great gaydar and he knew as soon as he met me there was no doubt in his mind of my sexual orientation.

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