Lonley soul dating

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Lonley soul dating

And you want to express the same towards someone else.My first relationship happened in my early twenties, with Luna.Conscious teaching, on the other hand, is rare, precious and hard to find.

We don’t want to be the 24/7 doctors or counselors of our partners; we want to find someone who is in a similar place to us.But as you’ve probably already discovered, the problem with most relationships is that they’re established to avoid loneliness, create comfort or security, or gain some sense of self-worth.In other words, many relationships are based on playing ego-centered “games,” just like the ones we see on TV and in films. People believe that they “need” another person to fill an empty hole inside of them.We don’t want to find someone that doesn’t mind “putting up” with us, but rather, encourages us to “put forth” our truest and most authentic selves to be completely embraced.Instead of criticizing or rejecting us, we crave for someone who will point out where we’re going wrong, or ways that we need grow.

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You crave for honesty, authenticity, passion, empathy, true love, sincerity, and depth.

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