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Then you can scan through a brief synopsis of each article.

If you are interested in the article, note the reference number listed at the end of the article title.

“Ending the Commute: Communication Strategies of Couples During Reintegration (Doctoral Thesis),” by Pamela Dunkin.131A difficult to find source (write to the University of Oregon), but a good example of the difficulties that come with reunion after an LDR. Until Careers Do Us Part: Vocational and Marital Satisfaction in the Dual-Career Commuter Marriage,” by Kathrijn Govaerts and David Dixon.13A nicely done study comparing dual-career couples who live together with those that have geographically separated.

“So Near Yet So Far: The Non-Resident Father,” by Carol Michaels.132Aninteresting review, useful for those fathers involved in a separated marriage. Factors that predict satisfaction with the relationship are also explored.

“Commuter Marriages: Personal, Family and Career Issues,” by Melissa Groves and Diane Horm-Wingerd.43A study of issues surrounding separated marriages including ways of coping with the distance. “Commuting,” by Agnes Farris.32 Asmaller study of intense interviews with couples in long-distance marriages.

Easy reading that may generate good conversation with your partner.

Nevertheless, this new form of periods of separation between partners, tell us a considerable amount about how people approach the challenges of maintaining a satisfying and egalitarian intimate life, involving caring relationships with others, within contemporary social conditions.

“,” by Frank Crumley and Ronald Blumenthal.130An older article that may be helpful to those with children.

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You should tell him that you forgive him and all is forogtten, start something new with him. Often, it is because we choose to ignore the red flags guys send us, and instead try to convince ourselves of a reality that isn't real.

I am in a very similar position, my boyfriend thinks i deserve better after being in what i think is a bit of a negative headspace and time in his life and so one part of me thinks he could see things differently and the other is shocked that it came to this because we were deeply in love but i feel like his past is holding him back from almost accepting that he deserves to be happy and loved now. The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 XPER points.

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“Dual-Career Couples Who Live Apart: Two Types,” by Harriet Gross.133Discusses the results of interviews with separated couples and compares younger couples who are still adjusting to those who are more established.