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Mexican dating females

Parasites in that they suck off the wealth of other nations and in order to enrich and to gorge themselves, leaving an emaciated people and a devestated nation when they have sucked all of the fat of the land.They are a cancer in that they have taken whole races and nations into extinction with their use of biological warfare.It will present our history in our interests, not in the interests of Europeans.It will clarify our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity and our collective ownership of this whole continent.We are told that we should "get over it and move on".That's easy for modern day Europeans to say when they are still benefiting from the crimes of their ancestors.The European's ("Americans", Miami Cubans, Mexico City Criollos, and other "whites") colonial propaganda machine teaches us "American" history, European history, a diluted and distorted version of "Mexican Independence ", a vendido-Latino-Hispanic version of "Chicano Studies", the dead-end Argentine-Cuban "Che Guevara Studies" and anything else that will keep us away from understanding the secret and forbidden history of our Anahuac nation's accomplishments, our ownership of this continent, and the monstrous crimes that the Europeans have committed against our European colonialism's main tool against Non-European people all over the world.

Colonialism is by its very nature parasitic in that it depends totally on the stolen foreign land and the enslaved foreign people to sustain it.

We can change the colonial slave condition of our people!

We know that none of the Europeans will easily give up all that they have stolen from us.

Well, we are still suffering from the crimes of their ancestors. Racism is the monstrous child of Europe's false sense of its "honorable", "moral", "ethical", "progressive", and "civilized" place in history.

We are still being deprived of the wealth of our continent. Racism is alive and well in the culture of Europeans, it is wealthy and it is murderous.

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They want to own our continent, without the threat that we may grow the courage to take it back one day.

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