Mike fisher dating

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Mike fisher dating

I have been detecting from the 80's and had one of the first fisher cz metal detectors that came out.

I have had other detectors and if you know how to use these machines, you will have more finds at the end of the day anyone.

The CZ-6 found everything from jewelry to deep silver with ease.

When all the other companies were introducing digital target ID, nothing could stand up to the accuracy of the target ID on my CZ-6. Only issue I ever had with it was the meter did get "sticky".

The cz5 will lock on nickel vs cz3d will jump around on same target.

If you will test the two units side by side anyone will see the cz5 is the true fisher quality and a lot more stable.

Never liked the LCD of the CZ-7 nor was the performance as good IMHO.

Getting back to the CZ-3D I thought I would be back to as good if not superior unit than my CZ-6.

The pinpoint button would at times not switch over to pinpoint mode on the first press which was slightly annoying as well.I've owned allot of detectors over the years including a Fisher CZ-6, CZ-7 and most recently a CZ-3D non Los Banos edition.If I had my choice I would choose the CZ-6 hands down over the other two.For about 0 I could have had it re-calibrated which would have hopefully improved performance but it would have been a roll of the dice as to whether it would have helped.All in all I had more and deeper finds with my CZ-6 and have been keeping my eyes open for one. I have been reading reviews from this site for years.

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I did also find a few old wheat pennies and a buffalo nickel. When your digging deep, not all the finds are keepers! The machine is worth the money if you are looking for those old coins and tokens. I own other Deep seeking detectors, but this one does a better job finding copper and brass.

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