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Choose a calendar: When you have multiple calendars, Google Calendar adds a drop-down list to the New Event popup balloon so you can specify which calendar should display the new event. If you use Quick Add (press q) to create an item, the program will add your event to your first (uppermost) or main calendar, even if you've hidden its events.Switch calendars: To move an event from one calendar to another, click the event and then click edit event details.View and edit: Double-click any event to see all of its associated details. Then click Delete (or press the spacebar) to confirm the deletion.You can change some details on this page; but for major modifications, you must click the event and choose edit event details. Share and Share Alike By default, only you can see events on your calendar.The Agenda view conveniently displays your appointments in chronological order, starting with the present date, without the screen clutter of a day, week, or month view.

To share with specific people only, leave those checkboxes empty and use the controls underneath to add the names of the privileged few. Seeing Multiple You may need different calendars for different purposes--work life and social life, for example.If a whole month is visible, dragging changes only the day.But if a day or week schedule is displayed, you can drop on any time to change the time, too.But you can make entire calendars--or just individual events--public if you like.To change the default setting, click Settings in the upper right (or press s). Click the link under Sharing to open the appropriate calendar.

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