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I feel that Instaclick laid down a solid foundation for me to base my own software company.Cons The actual office space wasn’t very well-planned.Benefits / Environment - Fantastic benefits, flexible work hours and open work environment with many break out rooms Process - Company has adopted Agile process, empowering teams and providing more flexibility and speed to market.Communication - Excellent communication internally, lean hierarchy which allows for issues to rise to the top quickly Pros Great company on the cutting edge of current search and social media practices.Out of the many various places I’ve worked, the management here was easy-going but firm which is the perfect combination.However sometimes they were too easy-going and I felt that some of my coworkers could have benefitted from a slightly firmer management technique. High energy and fantastic relationships internally Technologies - Company supports open sourcing and has internal new technology contributors.

Soon I actually started looking forward to going to work in the morning.

I kept on having to walk through people’s spaces to go places.

Also the lobby and some of the corridors are not very well-lit. Advice to Management A big thank you to my supervisors and the management that I had throughout my time there.

Good flow online and offline interpersonal relationships and communication between other employees.

Company events including the tough-mudder team, Bike MS team, company sponsored snowboard weekends, family bbq events, and many others..

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