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Non mormon dating a mormon

It does us good to understand a broad range of stories and experiences.

As a church that relies heavily on the doctrine of personal revelation, shouldn’t we let our own relationships with the Spirit influence our choices?

Hint: it might not all come from the children’s section.

Growing up LDS, I received yearly lessons in church involving salty cookies, analogies about dog poop brownies and spitting in milkshakes, and a Mormon Ad depicting a cockroach nestled into a scoop of ice cream.If our job here is to avoid the negative influences of “the world,” why would we let a worldly organization determine what movies we can and cannot watch? Violence (the most problematic offender of the three, in my opinion) is not a cockroach.I believe it’s time we change the way church lesson manuals talk about media. Let’s abandon the silly metaphors to teach real critical thinking, share the positive and negative effects all types of media can have on us (including problems with racial stereotypes, misogyny, homophobia, and other types of bigotry), and stop pretending we’re the good guys for keeping everything incessantly PG.The only other Mormon in my class chose not to attend. To this day, I cannot remember a single detail about the film. In fact, it marked a change in my ability to discern for myself what I wanted to see, learn, and know.If I ate a cockroach that day, it must have tasted like nothing. It was a moment that taught me to trust myself to seek out uplifting entertainment and reading material; to engage with uncomfortable ideas to better understand what it means to be good.

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There are several films I have seen and enjoyed as an adult that likely would have messed me up as a kid.