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“A hacker can naturally see photos on the device where the intended recipient can see them, if that device is hacked,” Karsten Nohl, founder of Security Research Labs, a hacking research firm in Berlin told .

Along with rampant cyberbullying, experts urge parents to avoid letting their kids download.

The app, which is formerly called Gaggle, uses GPS coordinates to help generate a list of schools in the area.

Users then select their school and a news feed of posts pop up, supposedly from other students at the school.

Using parental controls on devices helps give parents the final say about what children are downloading."Unfortunately, across the state, we're seeing younger and younger ages of kids being victimized," Driscoll said.

The app does have a 17 years old age restriction, but anyone can download it.

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That library is only as secure as your phone, and if it’s backing up to the cloud, it’s not secure.

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