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) and I’m hoping it will also be available on some kind of DVD compilation in the future.Actually, I can’t wait until HD-DVD or Blu Ray discs are more prevalent in the marketplace – most people have only seen the video in low res on My Space or on You Tube, and as I’ve said before, we shot the thing in HD… Actually, when the animator Doug Bresler sent me his original animatic, the character in the video did in fact look a lot like me.It’s a fantastic disc, a fantastic song, and a fantastic video; I just don’t understand why there are lots of other (great) videos but not that one.We weren’t able to finish that video until just a couple weeks before the scheduled release of the album.Decisions need to be made, priorities need to be set, effective action needs to be taken toward raising public awareness.We must all do our part to educate those around us to what is unfolding, sharing credible data is key.the two gangstas in the car at the beginning of the video are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele from MAD TV…

Judy Tenuta is the woman on the couch who graciously accepts my gift of a surge protector…

Howard & Cindy Wilson of Hamilton, Ontario asks: On the back page of the CD insert, you mention Nickelback in the credits. We ourselves are not beer-swilling hockey nuts, but we do know several, eh.

Can we ask what inspiration they provided you with? Nickelback was nice enough to give their permission for me to use their song “Photograph” in the latest polka medley.

Why do six (although I appreciate the extra work that you, the band and the behind-the-scenes people do so fans like me can watch more amazing videos than ever) for Straight Outta Lynwood?

It all began a couple years ago, when my record label suggested that I consider doing a Dual Disc release.

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  1. He had his waiters wear loudly colored soccer jerseys and offered a menu both affordable and enticing to a younger person—burgers and fries, cheap beer, Long Island Iced Teas and Harvey Wallbangers.“Immediately, it was like someone had set off a release mechanism,” says Stillman.