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Online dating tv commercials

In modern times, Christian singles meet and date through church, at social events, in the marketplace, through friends and relatives, and at work.Online dating sites provide a meeting place for single Christians who may be too busy or too introverted to meet people through traditional means.If you use an online dating site (also called online personals) to filter through a waiting pool of potential mates, are you truly trusting and believing in God?There appear to be two extreme points of view when it comes to dating and marriage.

When I pulled up the site on the Internet, the home page included a Scripture quotation and makes an appeal to the viewer to “Find God’s Match for you.” A further examination of this site reveals that it is owned by a company that has several niche dating sites, including one for Jewish singles, and others for black singles and military singles.After all, doesn’t the scripture say, “He who a wife, finds a good thing” (Proverbs )?Godly wisdom suggests the need to find a middle ground between these two extremes.One is that all you need to do is trust in and believe in God, and seek to please Him, and do not worry about finding a wife, and one day it will happen.Maybe you will run into your future spouse in a supermarket, totally by accident.

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The scripture in Matthew -34 seems to support this view.