Onwaves dating site

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Onwaves dating site

*Reason for increasing from 100 to 500 mln GFL tokens: increased number interest from ICO online and offline participants and planned expansion in upcoming years in other countries.500 mln GFL token allocation: I Round I (in 3 stages*) – 100 mln sold from – 15 August – 31 October 2017. GFL tokens that were purchased with Coeval options on Waves will be swapped from 1 October 2017 according to the several stages as the sale on new Ethereum contract will progress.

Furthermore, Ao W exhibits the projects of several well-known Finnish companies and institutions, inviting guests to explore these projects.

Before the journey, we’ve organized private events for participants and our partners to everyone up to speed.

But just before, and during our journey we organize events in various places to discuss our plans and show the outcomes of our collaborative efforts.

This should not affect the pricing of GFO which we are assiduously watching.

We hope that these exciting news bulletins compensates for the past few days in which we have been less active among the community than usual die to a crazy travel schedule.

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*Because of change in Ethereum contract we announce additional, 3rd stage of the first round. III Round – 100 mln – 15 September – 31 October 2018. From remaining 150 mln GFL tokens: • 100 mln GFL will be reserved by the team. For more details contact Monkey Capital at: https://chat.Option-free GFL tokens on Waves platform will be swapped 1:1 to GFLs on Ethereum new contract.

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