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I assume their intent is to remove mention of this property based on the document changes a Microsoft employee did last night. After reading the page I spent a good while researching refresh tokens and I'm still not clear the best practice for implementing them with regards to Microsoft Graph.

The sentence "In any production code, your app needs to watch for the expiration of these tokens and renew the expiring access token before the refresh token expires." is not enough to cover it.

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is being organized into various groups like Microwave & Laser communication, Satellite Communication, Signal Processing & microelectronics.

It is proposed that the department should support industrial research activities in the near future.

Module - I Calculus : Asymptote, Curvature , Partial differentiation, Taylor's theorem for function of two variable, Maxima and Minima for function of two variables.

Module - II Differential Equation-1 Differential Equation : First order differential equations, Separable Equation, Exact differential equation, Linear differential equation, Bernoulli's equation and application to Electrical circuits.

VLSI, Communication, Microwave, etc are the core areas where companies are recruiting apart from IT companies.

Text Books : Module-I (07 Classes) Classical Dynamics Principle of virtual work, De-Alembert Principle, Action principle, Langrage equation of motion and its application to Simple Harmonic oscillator. Oscillation & Waves Simple Harmonic Oscillation, damped harmonic oscillation, Forced oscillator, resonance, coupled oscillation, concept of wave and wave equation.

Electronics and communication department is known as a cutting edge department for VLSI, Semiconductor Devices, 3G-4G communication and microwave research.

Apart from that it is a great place for teaching and learning at the undergraduate and graduate level.

I would ask them if their intent is to remove this information, then how are we suppose to know when this token is expired.'s a lot of great samples on dev.and other resources so there's no doubt I will find it.

They still missed the paragraph that mentions the property. I found these articles on MSDN that are dated 2015 so I it's not clear if all the information is still valid.

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There are downsides of this approach however such as no app model v2 support, no dynamic consent and admin only consent ... Trying to figure out when refresh tokens expire is like running around the in the dark with a sword.