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The larger the number, the later it will be merged, giving it higher priority.This variable defaults to Note Ansible does not expose a channel to allow communication between the user and the ssh process to accept a password manually to decrypt an ssh key when using the ssh connection plugin (which is the default). This is useful for systems with more than one Python or not located at /usr/bin/python such as *BSD, or where /usr/bin/python is not a 2. We do not use the /usr/bin/env mechanism as that requires the remote user’s path to be set right and also assumes the python executable is named python, where the executable might be named something like python2.6., the connection type can be changed.Not only is this inventory configurable, but you can also use multiple inventory files at the same time and pull inventory from dynamic or cloud sources or different formats (YAML, ini, etc), as described in It is ok to put systems in more than one group, for instance a server could be both a webserver and a dbserver.

If both paths exist, variables in the playbook directory will override variables set in the inventory directory.Ansible works against multiple systems in your infrastructure at the same time.It does this by selecting portions of systems listed in Ansible’s inventory, which defaults to being saved in the location option on the command line.The following non-SSH based connectors are available: local This connector can be used to deploy the playbook to the control machine itself.docker This connector deploys the playbook directly into Docker containers using the local Docker client.

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For example, an a_group will be merged with b_group and b_group vars that match will overwrite the ones in a_group.