Portland dating services

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Her services are free for women wishing to join her database, but men's packages start at ,000 and can go as high as 0,000 for Sullivan's personal attention and coaching.

But she gave Houstonia some of her dating insight for free.

People are so passionate about their views that I ask about that now—all matchmakers are starting to.

Houston is amazing, there are a lot of men here, a lot of executives, so Houston is an amazing market for a matchmaker because a lot of people need us.

I'll tell a guy to stop hiding the bald spot and shave his head because it's not doing him any favors.

But really my clients are savvy and have great interaction skills, so the biggest thing is finding them the right matches, the right kind of women.

When I was working in the aerospace and defense industry, I was looking for CEOs with specific experience and for these guys I'm looking for specific type of woman.

Some of these guys have been in relationships for 20, 25 years—they don't even know what they like anymore.That's the biggest thing that has come up this year, in this election cycle.I always say don't talk politics on a first date but when it comes to Trump or Hillary this election is more about values and it's caused a lot of issues.Sometimes they think they need one type of woman, and I'm like, "No, this is what you need.This is what you want." And they listen to me and trust my judgement, and they'll find someone who's completely different from the kind of women they've been dating.

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The biggest thing I tell everybody is to be yourself but get out of your comfort zone.