Pre dating los angeles

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Pre dating los angeles

Walton missed 68 games due to foot injuries (which he also suffered in his final years in Portland).

San Diego finished 35–47 as key players missed games due to injuries.

In 1978, San Diego welcomed the relocation of the Buffalo Braves franchise because the city had lost their Rockets to Houston seven years earlier.

San Diego team officials did not think Braves was a representative nickname for the club and a contest decided on "Clippers", because the city was known for the great sailing ships that passed through San Diego Bay.

As a result, after a failed attempt to sell the team to an owner who intended to move it to South Florida, Snyder sold the team to Kentucky Colonels owner John Y.

Brown, Jr., who decimated the team's roster, traded away all of its stars, and drove attendance down to the point where they could break their own lease on the arena.

This was taken today, October 26th, 2009, at around AM in Santa Monica, California, looking east.

The Clippers' fortunes turned in the early 2010s with the acquisition of core players Blake Griffin, De Andre Jordan, and Chris Paul.

Eventually, Brown met with Celtics owner Irv Levin in 1978 so they could trade franchise ownerships.

Southern California resident Levin then decided to move the Braves to San Diego, something the league would have never allowed him to do with the Celtics.

Secondly there’s a trail in the bottom right corner that crosses the other two at right angles.

This was from a jet that was flying in a westerly direction, probably towards Hawaii. Today in Santa Monica, the high was 83F, tomorrow it drops suddenly to 63F.

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The Clippers then began pursuing star free agents, beginning with World B.